Thanks Les for a great morning read! Because I can’t comment on certain blogger’s sites (and blogger and WordPress don’t seem to care), I suppose I can leave my comment here since I am linking up today! How silly is this. Anyways, this post was actually particularly meaningful for me because I am pregnant – and have had many emotions about the fact I am growing a human. And it’s all because of that wonderful monthly shedding that causes the tears during Dancing with the Stars and the anger when Mr. Sexy forgets to turn the heat down at night. Our bodies are magnificent. Thank you for reminding me!

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But now for my post.


This past year I have struggled through some downs and celebrated victories with my Pure Romance business. Yet, through all of it, I was not where I wanted to be. At just about every party I had done, I came home to a husband ready to celebrate my successes, while all I wanted to do was look at where I went wrong and figure out how to fix it. Sometimes, when I would share a success with my PR Mama but downplay it as a, “it should have been better,” success, she would look at me with crazy eyes and say something like, “Girl, you did something amazing! You need to pat yourself on the back and enjoy this moment of success!” So I tried, but still, I’m the type who needs to be doing my best – otherwise, in my mind at least, I fail.

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Learning to say “NO”

A few years ago Mr. Sexy and were writing bad checks for over $1,000. Even now, I struggle not to blame him for our awful financial situation. So it’s true, that forgiveness happens daily and the more I practice, the easier it becomes. Today, the myth that Mr. Sexy was to blame for our financial mess is a far-off thought – one I must remember I had in order to share how far we have come.

In truth, it was his fault. It was my fault. It was OUR fault. We were handling our money ass-backwards. I had a bad day, so I wanted some retail therapy. It made me feel better. Then a few days later when we couldn’t pay the credit card, I felt sick to my stomach, not to mention angry. However I wasn’t angry at myself. I wasn’t in control of what I purchased by any means! I always “asked” Mr. Sexy with my I-know-you-will-do-anything-for-me eyes and he always sighed and said, “I’ll make it work.” Therefore, none of the responsibility laid on my shoulders. I was a princess. I always got what I wanted, when I wanted.

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A Budget? What?

Have you ever heard of a guy named Dave Ramsey? Well he knows stuff about money and debt. Apparently he knows so much he wrote a book (or books) and does a radio program and probably a lot of other things too. For a while this guy’s method felt like the “in” thing to be doing in my circle of people. So Mr. Sexy and I read the book. It was pretty great. Then we got to chapter 3 (I think) where we had to save up an emergency fund of one thousand dollars. According to Ramsey, this is a building block (or baby step) in getting out of debt. So I quit reading. I always had intentions of going back to the book after we saved our emergency fund. But, you see, we never got that savings part down. So I wasn’t able to return to the book and find out what the next steps are.  If I knew the next steps, I might want to skip the saving step!  ::gasp:: What an outlandish idea!

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