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Thanks Les for a great morning read! Because I can’t comment on certain blogger’s sites (and blogger and WordPress don’t seem to care), I suppose I can leave my comment here since I am linking up today! How silly is this. Anyways, this post was actually particularly meaningful for me because I am pregnant – and have had many emotions about the fact I am growing a human. And it’s all because of that wonderful monthly shedding that causes the tears during Dancing with the Stars and the anger when Mr. Sexy forgets to turn the heat down at night. Our bodies are magnificent. Thank you for reminding me!

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But now for my post.


This past year I have struggled through some downs and celebrated victories with my Pure Romance business. Yet, through all of it, I was not where I wanted to be. At just about every party I had done, I came home to a husband ready to celebrate my successes, while all I wanted to do was look at where I went wrong and figure out how to fix it. Sometimes, when I would share a success with my PR Mama but downplay it as a, “it should have been better,” success, she would look at me with crazy eyes and say something like, “Girl, you did something amazing! You need to pat yourself on the back and enjoy this moment of success!” So I tried, but still, I’m the type who needs to be doing my best – otherwise, in my mind at least, I fail.

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Coffee with the Tax Collector

I was going to come up with a never-thought-of-metaphor or make up a story to make my point today. Instead, I’m simply going to call it as I see it. So here’s to hoping for a few new friend-readers.

I am a Pure Romance Consultant and I invite you to attend my first party. I invite you because practicing my demonstrations in front of friends is a lot more fun than in front of strangers. I invite you because I want to talk to you about what I’m doing and why. Lastly, I invite you because I’m looking for a little bit of support. 

Your response is (and this is in my own words, not yours): No. What you are doing is sinful. Obviously you have lost your way. Please have coffee with me so I can tell you about all my concerns for you, your family and your future. I am praying that God will bring you back. 

My response is as tame as I can make it. Here is what I don’t say: You have just proven the reputation that Christians have for being judgmental.  Please pray for me, though. The Lord knows I need it! But as for a coffee date, well, that does not sound fun with three kids sitting next to me. I think you might not know me very well. If you did, you would know that I have a wonderful, supportive husband who works 8-5, Monday – Friday. So of course when he comes home we are busy with dinner, homework and spending time together as a family. Obviously, relationships are only important to you on your terms. And that’s too bad. 

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