5 Hearts

Christmas 2301

Christmas 2013


I love or Love Story. I love to remember, to talk about it and to write about it. However I am going to leave the details on our Wedding Website at The Knot for you to look at when you need something long and sappy to read.

The short version is that Mr. Sexy and I met on a double date – him and his girlfriend and me and my boyfriend. A year or so later we reconnected via Facebook and then a few weeks later we had our first kiss followed by our first date. We were engaged four months later and married nine months after that.

It’s pretty much been a fairy tail ever since. Except for … well, just keep reading.

Michael (6) Denai (9mo) Marie (12)

Michael (6)
Denai (9mo)
Marie (12)


Each one of my kids is unique with their own story line. Michael is a hot head with a huge personality that should be on stage one of these days. Denai already seems to carry some of her daddy’s calm personality traits on her while she wears many of my expressions. Maris is your best friend and although often awkward in social situations she just loves to party and dance and have a good time.


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