We Survived

I look for any excuse to get friends together. I like to entertain. I like to party. I guess that makes me a perfect Pure Romance Consultant, doesn’t it? So when it comes to birthday parties I always strive to make it something memorable for the special someone. Sometimes that means it’s a Surprise Party, or a small get together with close friends, or a huge ta-da with the whole town being invited.

The past year and a half has been a strange one for me internally. I have had very little desire to do these birthday bashes. And working from a tight budget means I have to be a bit more creative and crafty. (Thank you person who created Pinterest.)

I’m coming back, though. I’m not sure what changed. Maybe it’s the fact that a budget dosn’t have to stress me out. I make my own money now, you see. I party for a living! Therefore, birthday bashes don’t have to impact our family budget at all!

Jedi Training Agenda

Jedi Training Agenda

Not to mention how excited Michael has been about his birthday. He is finally at an age where he expects his birthday, looks forward to a party of some sort AND he has his own ideas for it. Perfect. He grabbed his notebook and pen and started making a list of the food, games and people he wanted invited. He brainstormed with me on Pinterest. He learned how to create personal invitations with Mr. Sexy. He called every class mate and personally invited them to his party. He was challenged by having to leave a voicemail before time ran out and then talking to the parents in order to reach his friends.


Jedi Maneuvering Skills

Jedi Maneuvering Skills

We put a lot of prep work into this party. So it makes sense we ended up with almost 20 kids and right around 10 adults who stuck around for the party. It was a madhouse. Getting to our house can be a bit tricky in the dark so even with some lit up balloons, I was still taking calls from parents as our guests were flooding in the front door. I could hardly hear to talk on the phone even shut in my bedroom. That’s how big my house is. There is nowhere to truly escape the chaos of 20 screaming, yelling second graders. But what kind of house IS big enough for that? A mansion probably…


Jedi Light Saber Training

Jedi Light Saber Training

Winter birthday parties are hard to figure out sometimes. I’m a December birthday and I hated it as a kid because it is always cold. It can take quite a bit of creativity to entertain indoors for medium sized humans. Thankfully, we have the blessing of a large play room that is attached to the kids’ bedroom (yeah, all three kids share a room and get less sleep because of it. But hey, they have fun!).

While I was busy partying (and getting PAID YA’LL) the weekend before Evan’s Birthday Bash, Mr. Sexy made the kids clean the playroom.

I’m sorry, did I say “clean?” That was incorrect. What I mean to say, is that the kids shoved all their toys and dress up clothes and books into one corner of the playroom. Which left the remainder sparking clean, of course. Perfect. Seriously, I thought this was genius. I did NOT want to be in charge of that chaos. Thus, we had our Jedi Training room

And it was a BIG hit people!

Speed Test

Jedi Speed Test (Eating Carbonite Red Jell-o the fastest)

Mr. Sexy ingeniously created the light sabers for me. While I knew they were a weapon, I didn’t perceive how hard these small boys would be hitting each other… Basically, it was unmanageable. (Mental note: no more weapons at the birthday parties.)


Jedi Light Saber Training

Strangely, when I visited the downstairs while the kids were in Training, it was actually very silent. Correct, the adults weren’t talking much, but other than loud thuds and the occasional muffled scream, you wouldn’t know there were 20 kids running around like wild chickens upstairs. Thank you, house. I didn’t realize you could do that.


While the kids ate, we adults played a silly game. Next year, I will have to make this a bit harder! And the winning team all got great prizes! Pure Romance sample packs with coupons! Woohoo!


Then of course we had to crowd around the amazing cake Mr. Sexy and I tag teamed.


Lastly, presents. THE PRESENTS. This was easily the most stressful part of the evening for me. You see, up until that point, the screaming, the running, the crowding of one another was pretty well accepted as that was the tone I had unknowingly set for the party. But now that it was time to be calm and sit still while we “Ooooh”ed and “Aaaah”ed over Michael’s amazing gifts, well, there was no such thing.


I’ll just suffice it to say that next year this portion will be planned and thought through BEFORE the party takes place. Also, adult beverages will be available. Lots of them.


A special breakfast treat!

A special breakfast treat!

I was wiped after the party. Because, oh yeah, the party didn’t end that night. It kept going until about one the next afternoon. That’s because I had the brilliant idea to invite all the boys’ to spend the night. Thankfully, only three took us up on the offer. And it was fun. For Michael. While I hid out in my bedroom all night, Mr. Sexy slept on the couch with the boys.



Oh boy. I misused another word. Sleep. That’s a laugh. Mr. Sexy had Star Wars on so they could all stay up as “late” as they wanted. The thinking was they would eventually fall asleep at a reasonable time. This was not the case. And with very different personalities in the room, they all managed to keep each other awake with their stinky farts, scary stories and randomly jumping up and running around.


So, thanks Mr. Sexy for doing that. You helped create some awesome memories for Michael.


We did survive. Until next year…


2 thoughts on “We Survived

  1. Amazing!!!! My favourite party ever was also a Star Wars one we had for my son. We even had Han Solo frozen in carbonite (a Lego figure in Jello!! LOL) The boys all did a Jedi Training thing and my husband pretended to be Darth Vader and they loved “defeating” him. ha. What an awesome party you gave him. He will remember this forever.


    • I found those ideas too! I just couldn’t figure out how to make it all work. I really wanted my brother (who is over 6ft and the favorite uncle SSHH don’t tell the other one) to be Darth Vader and fight the young Jedi. But I couldn’t find a costume that wasn’t totally cheesy in the price range I was looking for. :-/ As it was, I still spent a pretty penny on this party even though most of it was DIY. But even without our live Darth, it was a success.


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