Kitchen Help Please!

My house was built in 1902.

I’m pretty sure these are the original cabinets 

which we are in the process of painting a friendly yellow.

Now that the drawers are done

I need your help.

How can I best utilize all this space for pantry use 

AND for all my dishes? 

I am going to ::attempt to:: use the philosophy of

if it doesn’t fit then get it out of the house, off the property 

and to someone who needs it.

I have one of these ^

One of these ^
Three of these ^
And five of these big boys ^

The cabinets above the counter have little shelves like this.
Although the top cabinets don’t.

These lower cabinets are on the right side of the kitchen only.

They also have a shelf built in on the top. 
Then there is this cute corner cabinet which I love.

There are doors for the bottom portion. 

Lastly is this… thing… a wanna be cabinet? 

Perhaps a kitchen table used to come out from inside? 

I have no idea.

But I want it to be useful because it’s there and not going away. 

Do you have any help for me? 


I take any and all suggestions.

Thank you!