Michael’s Story

Written January, 2014.


October, 2013

October, 2013

I turned 20 December, 2007 and gave birth to Michael in January, 2008. I went through the Bradley Method class with my mom as my coach. I was afraid of giving birth in every way. These classes taught me so much about what my body was designed to do and it boosted my confidence so I was able to have a completely natural child birth.

Michael’s biological father will be named D.

D and I tried to make it work after Michael was born. By the time Michael was nine months old, D and I had been together for 3 years on and off. At that point we acted more like good friends instead of two people supposedly in love. But then again, we were never in love and I always knew that.

We both moved on. Custody became 50-50, D got married and eventually I met Mr. Sexy. The custody situation is currently week on, week off. It works out fairly amicably although not perfectly. In comparison to Marie’s custody situation, Mr. Sexy and I are continually thankful for D’s stability in Michael’s life.

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