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Denai is doing gymnastics for the first time. She is the smallest in her class by a full head and probably the youngest, too, though not by much. She’s just a tiny thing. Always has been.

I think she takes after her daddy who grew up stick-thin. At least, that’s what Mr. Sexy tells me. I didn’t know him when he was young. I wasn’t even born yet. (See how I throw in those old-man jokes haha)

The fact that Denai is the tiniest in her class makes watching her jump and roll and balance that much more fun. Oh, yes, let’s not forget that tongue of hers. Her tongue is a sign of concentration and I have come to know it’s an endeared trait from Mr. Sexy’s side of the family. Yes, Mr. Sexy himself has been known to ponder, or work hard to fix a problem, all the while his tongue barely crosses the threshhold of his lips. Like I said, it’s an endearing trait – one that I make fun of from time to time.

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She’s Got The Whole World

5-10 interrupted minutes of free writing on the topic: World

DenaiAs I dive back into 5 minute Friday in an attempt to keep my writing love affair alive, I am interrupted by a toddler who is wearing skinny blonde braids for the first time. With her crazy golden locks back from her face those big blue eyes are all I see as she tells me all about the concoction she created in her tea cup. It’s only water. But to her, it’s something amazing that she MUST tell me NOW.  In fact, when she can reach me, she will take her two hands, place them on my cheeks, and firmly direct my face to hers so I am able to focus. On her, of course. Because she is two. And I think most two year olds live in their own world. So Denai is no exception. She will let anyone within hearing distance know she is mad with her high pitched screams of anger or indignation. When she’s happy and excited she screams again, but this time it sounds happy – although you still don’t want to be too close to the siren. She wants to be involved in EVERYTHING happening around her. If dad is working on the car, she is getting his tools. If I’m working in the garden, she wants to pull out all the plants. While I’m eating (right after she finished her meal) she needs to be in my lap patiently – or not so patiently – waiting for her portion. Ugh. She drives me nuts.