Church: Do we have to?

I don’t think it’s a secret the Sexy Family hasn’t been much of the church going crowd the past two years. We have our reasons. We give our excuses. The truth is, Mr. Sexy and I have lost sight of why we should attend church.

I don’t like being treated like a non-believer – especially by fellow believers. Yet it happens. I DO NOT believe in attending church – religiously. This means I do not believe you have to go to church to be a Christian. From what I have learned from the Bible, attending church out of obligation or tradition is a sin. Yet, so many do it. I used to be one of them. I grew up like that and thus, I harbor a bit of guilt because I am not dragging my kids to church every Sunday.

I do believe church is important. It’s a command from Jesus that we attend (again, this is my understanding of Scripture). There are very good reasons for going to church. According to what I know from the Bible, we should attend church for two reasons: fellowship and learning. This works well for Mr. Sexy and I. I yearn for the fellowship and he enjoys learning.

Fellowship is huge for me. I have missed having a church family for the past 4 1/2 years. That’s when the struggle began. A trust was broken. Over time, that trust has only floated further and further away.


Pit stop after church!

Mr. Sexy and I actually did make it to church this past Sunday. It was nothing to write home about. It isn’t the place for us, not that it’s a bad church. We have a few more options in our area. I do hope we find a place offering that fellowship and learning. I will admit that fellowship from me will be shallow and on guard. Although I grew up in church (as did Mr. Sexy), it’s not as safe a place as I had thought it to be before I became an adult.

There’s the struggle. I told you the ‘why.’  Mr. Sexy and I are not heathens. We believe Jesus is our Savior, we teach our kids about God and actually have really wonderful conversations about religion and relationship. It’s just that church is made up of humans like you and me. I get that. I am trying not to be to nit-picky. Then again, that’s just where I’m at right now and maybe that’s okay.


5 thoughts on “Church: Do we have to?

  1. This is an issue I struggle with too! Do I have to go to church to believe in God? I am trying to resolve this issue. I haven’t found the right church with the right fellowship quite yet.


    • It takes effort! That’s for sure. And getting up early, with kids, and having to get dressed, just makes it all less desirable. Lol Although I know nowadays we have churches meeting all throughout the week. But that doesn’t feel quite right – which goes back to that tradition concept.


  2. Completely understand! It’s why I left church for many, many years. But I never left God – I still continued to learn and grow on my own. But yes, that fellowship is necessary in the long run I think. We simple need like minded believers to encourage and support our spiritual walk. Judgement does not do that – so yes, RUN – if that’s what you find at a church. It took us awhile to find the right fit. I still see some judgie pants, I suppose there will always be that; but for the most part we have a great, loving church family. But yeah, I feel ya …. from past experience; I still don’t get too close.


  3. It can be tough to find the right church fit. We don’t go every Sunday, but have called Pullman Presbyterian Church home for over 18 years. We’ve watched leadership and the congregation change over the last two decades, but one thing remains the same: it’s a safe haven for learning, fellowship, and worship.


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