I’m Baaaaack

I stopped writing publicly because I wasn’t able to write without intent of hurting someone else. The lines blurred between writing about my life and writing at someone else. Or rather, at other people. When the lines blurred, I stopped writing. See, as upset as my family was with the content of my posts, I did not believe I was doing anything wrong nor was I trying to be hurtful. I have now gone back and read through those same posts that caused my family to threaten a lawsuit, go to a pastor and plead with me to stop embarrassing myself.

I stand by every word I wrote.

Perception is everything, some say. I painted an ugly picture of what was supped to be a good, Christian family. It’s how I chose to work through the pain. It’s how I tried to communicate to my family.

I write from a personal place. I will again write from that personal place. I will again explore life through my eyes and my heart. And, I’m just going to throw this out there: I will still be working through the pain of the brokenness that is my family. Nothing has changed these past seven months.

I didn’t like that I walked away from my blog. It was as if Β I was letting myself down by at first avoiding this place, then ignoring it. But the time off was needed. Writing had also become a bit of an obligation. And that is not why I write. Now, if you were to pay me, well, that obligation I can write for. But for now, this is a hobby. A hobby I have missed.

I would be honored if you would once again join me on this journey.



4 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaack

  1. Welcome back!! I have been wondering where you had gone, and I am happy to see that you are still here, and still determined to write your truth. And no one, No One, has the right to prevent you from telling your own story. If someone doesn’t like the way they appear in your story; then maybe they should be taking a closer look at themself; instead of you. πŸ™‚


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