A Toddler in a Teenage Body

Since the very end of January, Mr. Sexy and I have been been waiting for Marie’s test results from the behavioral specialist. Well, it’s only 3 months later and results are in! We received them one week ago today, as a matter of fact. Let’s just say it’s the icing on the cake to everything else that has been going on.

I’m not going to get real deep here. I just want to share the results because I have been talking about this for so long.

Her ability to:

Receive communication: 1 yr, 2 mo

Express herself with language: 3 yr, 2 mo

Express herself with writing: 6 yr, 11 mo

Care for herself: 6 yr, 1 mo

Care for her things (chores ect): 6 yr, 5 mo

Have interpersonal relationships: 2 yr, 10 mo

Play and enjoy leisure time: 2 yr, 7 mo

Cope: 5 yr, 7 mo

Overall, her daily living skills, communication skills and socialization skills are below the 1% comparative to her age group.

Her over all ability to internalize and externalize her thoughts, feelings, ect, are very close to being a clinical concern.

The results are not abnormal for a person with down syndrome. However, it was shocking to see eight typed pages of what Marie’s life has looked like since birth and where she currently is developmentally. Speaking very generally, she appears to be closer to a toddler than a 13-year old.

Doubts for the future run through my mind daily lately. New ideas and musings dance in my thoughts constantly. Communication tactics are being challenged. It’s almost as if I need a chart pinned to the wall to tell me how to interact with Marie.

We are back to schooling again. I think I have a very good idea of where she is at and where we can begin together. I am slowly moving away from demanding perfection, ignoring the wrongs and complimenting the rights. It’s hard for me to do that, for some reason.


2 thoughts on “A Toddler in a Teenage Body

  1. I hope that with these results you will be able to meet Marie where she is! I hope that it will help you to know that she is simply not capable of more. God put you in this child’s life for a reason. He knows that you will lead her and care for her with all the knowledge and compassion that He will provide for
    you. God Bless you as you continue this journey. I cannot even begin to know what challenges you will face. But I do know that God gave you Marie for a reason! You will do what is best…..both for Marie and for yourself!


  2. Oh wow. I think I understand much better now how it’s been a frustrating journey – for both of you. but hopefully knowing where she is at, helps for the future. A fresh perspective in light of this new information might be just the right thing.


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