Coffee with the Tax Collector

I was going to come up with a never-thought-of-metaphor or make up a story to make my point today. Instead, I’m simply going to call it as I see it. So here’s to hoping for a few new friend-readers.

I am a Pure Romance Consultant and I invite you to attend my first party. I invite you because practicing my demonstrations in front of friends is a lot more fun than in front of strangers. I invite you because I want to talk to you about what I’m doing and why. Lastly, I invite you because I’m looking for a little bit of support. 

Your response is (and this is in my own words, not yours): No. What you are doing is sinful. Obviously you have lost your way. Please have coffee with me so I can tell you about all my concerns for you, your family and your future. I am praying that God will bring you back. 

My response is as tame as I can make it. Here is what I don’t say: You have just proven the reputation that Christians have for being judgmental.  Please pray for me, though. The Lord knows I need it! But as for a coffee date, well, that does not sound fun with three kids sitting next to me. I think you might not know me very well. If you did, you would know that I have a wonderful, supportive husband who works 8-5, Monday – Friday. So of course when he comes home we are busy with dinner, homework and spending time together as a family. Obviously, relationships are only important to you on your terms. And that’s too bad. 

I have been talking to a lot of people about Pure Romance and a lot of those people are excited for me. But there is also that handful of Christian ladies who suddenly want to minister into my life. And you know what? That’s okay with me. The part that has me frustrated is that each of these women want ME to come to THEM. It’s about their terms and what they deem to be appropriate. In fact, they have even told me they know very little about Pure Romance. Well, what better way to learn than to come onto my turf and find out? Isn’t that how we are supposed to minister to others? I’m pretty sure Jesus went to the tax collector’s house instead of inviting him to break bread (or whatever the equivalent to a coffee date was).

And that’s my beef with the whole thing. If you want to have any kind of impact on a person’s life, it has to be built through some semblance of a relationship. For me, that looks like a play date, drinks on the weekend, a PR party, game night or ::gasp:: bring the coffee to ME at MY house! What works for me won’t work for everyone. So you get to figure that out. Still interested in all that ministering stuff?

I am confident in my choices and my faith is alive and active. Perhaps God will convict me differently in the future. But today, I have my convictions and you will have yours. That is A-OK in my book.

But please, please, next time go outside your comfort zone and be the hands and feet of Jesus like we are called to be. The next girl you want to minister to may actually be in a very lost place spiritually and a coffee date may not be quite enough for her either.


3 thoughts on “Coffee with the Tax Collector

  1. Geez – I so wish you lived closer to me because I would be at your party In A Heartbeat!!! LOL
    And you know, it’s perfectly okay – no one needs to minister to me about my “wanton ways” because I am in fact married, and certain that my husband would feel his prayers had been answered!! 😉
    Honestly, sex is a part of us – given BY GOD, so you know, I’d just tell these busybodies to grow the “f” up. You of course, said it much nicer.
    Maybe they could use some of that nice massage lotion and a candle burning in the background. eyeroll
    boy, we would have fun coffee dates at your house 🙂


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