Open Wounds Never Healed

You cut me.

Over and over again you continue to hurt me.

Do you think I’m silly? Do you think I overreact? Do you think I should simply “get over it?”

“Get over it” is a familiar line. However there is nothing simple about it.

While it’s not your fault my open wounds continue to exist, you remain at fault for adding salt to it.

I have been completely disregarded in your eyes.

Why would that surprise me though?

Hasn’t this been happening for years? Haven’t we always been the best at hurting each other?

Time continues to pass and my wounds haven’t healed. I don’t know how to fix it.

I will seek help, though.

That is one positive thing you have shown me…

I have open wounds that grew deeper with time. I refuse to continue to react in pain, thus, adding wounds to my own children.


4 thoughts on “Open Wounds Never Healed

  1. Whew! I feel the pain of that relationship. I feel that kind of pain,too. I have inflicted that kind of pain, I’m afraid. Not intentional. Not understanding how it would color their whole world. I hope you mend.


  2. Oh, I felt this right straight to my heart core! My grandma used to say “acid can do as much damage to the container it’s stored in, as to that on which it is poured.” Don’t hold that acid in my friend…. pour it out and be done with it. I always say, being happy is the best revenge! 🙂


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