American Sniper and Video Games

Have you seen this yet?

Watching the trailer keeps me breathless even now that I have seen the film.

Do you know this story? I did not until a few weeks ago. Play rehearsal was cancelled so Mr. Sexy took me out on an impromptu movie date – something we never do. I was thrilled. All I knew of this story were the captivating previews I had been seeing for weeks. Thus, my experience in the theatre was quite shocking. Gut wrenching. Dare I say, life-changing. And that’s why we go to the movies, right? We’re in it for the experience. For the thrill. We want to be moved. Whether we are laughing or crying, our ultimate goal is to be tapped into emotions portrayed on the big screen.

Let’s just say, my emotions were on overload as Mr. Sexy and I headed home that night.

Now I should explain that I grew up in the world of books. All I wanted to do was read. I read in the car, during meals, at the grocery store, doctor’s appointments and where ever else I had a few spare minutes. Now I read less. Instead, I watch TV and movies. Is this a bad thing? I’m not entirely sure. However I do know that I can be just as invested in a movie or TV show as I was in my favorite books as a girl. Quite simply, I love the story telling. The character development. The life-changing events. I like to be swept up in the moment and I have dreams of becoming a great story writer myself whether it’s in print or film.

American Sniper moved me deeply that night in a way that still catches my breath. The artistry in this film is magnificent. The story had me between a smile and a cry throughout.Β There were times it almost felt like it could be a video game. As if I was the one behind the gun. This has gotten me thinking about the kinds of video games I want my kids to be playing.

My kids won’t be playing any of those military/hunter shooting-guns-and-blowing-up-people types of games. If any of my kids decide that’s what they want to do, they have a great teacher (their dad) who has years of military experience specializing in weapons.

Video games where the player is using a virtual gun to shoot virtual people dehumanizes the actuality of what happens in real life. I think it desensitizes the player from what happens in actual war. I prefer that Michael, for instance, grows up learning about whatever interests him in the real world. There will be so much more reward in life for him through actual experience than through a video game console.

All that said, I’m not anti-video games. They have their place and I understand they are fun for a lot of people. My personal conviction is that gaming should be closely monitored particularly when it comes to the young minds of our kids. However, my conviction doesn’t have to match yours.

Now let’s come full circle and end with where we started.

American Sniper


What do you think about it?


4 thoughts on “American Sniper and Video Games

  1. I haven’t seen it yet. With a movie that’s really good like that I want to wait for the DVD and audio description. District 9 was the first movie that I saw in the theater, and then soon after watched with AD. It was twice the movie and I decided I was missing way too much on these intense dramas. Which, incidentally, are some of my favorites. So in one sense I can’t wait to see it, but I’m willing to wait to see it.


  2. It’s date night this weekend, and I have a feeling since it is for hubby’s birthday, we might just be seeing this movie. I don’t know anything about it at all — but I have heard there is some controversy regarding the film. I have avoided reading any of it, until I get a chance to watch the film for myself.

    As for video games, naturally hubby being ex military and now a cop has some shooter games. He loves all that spy stuff. The only one my son is allowed to play, and with his dad there, is the Halo games – because it’s aliens and not people. Other than that, all our video games are the kids kind of games like Lego Marvel Avengers, or Batman, and Sonic, or Mario. I’m horrible. Even the 5 year old can beat me. LOL


  3. I haven’t seen this yet. I’m not sure I will simply because I don’t know if I can handle watching the violence. Hubby and The Boy went to see it a couple weeks ago, and both of them absolutely loved it though.


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