We Are “That” Couple

Valentine’s Day is a love-hate thing in our culture. At least, that’s my viewpoint from the multitude of facebook posts and bloggers and tweets and insta-peeps and everything else. That’s why I really liked this:


Awesome. Sauce. So true. In the spectrum of things, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the worst day of the year. Unless a pity party is something you enjoy. And if I’m being honest, I throw myself one of those from time to time.

He woke up at 5:30 am to make sure I woke up with roses and a card next to my bed.

He woke up at 5:30 am to make sure I woke up with roses and a card next to my bed.

Personally, I love Valentine’s Day. It’s one my favorite days of the year. It’s right up there with my wedding anniversary and birthday. I have been blessed with a husband who doesn’t have a natural tendency to be romantic with me in all the ways my heart and body yearn for. To make up for being a typical male, he has spent years learning what I like. It’s an art he hasn’t mastered yet. And you know what, he may never completely get it down pat. I’m a moody person. This is no secret. It was a prominent point of discussion in our pre-marital counseling.

Last year, Mr. Sexy made the mistake of assuming he knew exactly how I wanted to celebrate: a romantic dinner/date at home after the kids were in bed. I made the mistake of expecting him to read my mood and my mind and know that I wanted a babysitter so I could get all fancied up and be wined and dined at a romantic restaurant where neither one of us had to worry about dishes. The result was: my pent-up emotions came out in tears during dinner and Mr. Sexy felt like he had failed me.

This year, however, Mr. Sexy asked if I was interested in going to a crab feed for V-Day. He wasn’t going to make the same mistake as last year! It was a fundraiser and a BYOB event. I imagined low lighting, tables for two with white table clothes and a waiter to serve me as much crab and sides as I could handle. So Valentine’s Day came around and I like to take a few solid hours to get ready for date night. This brought about questions as to what type of event this fundraiser was. I quickly realized it was NOT the romantic evening I was anticipating. And thus, my demeanor changed because I put on jeans instead of a skirt.

We had already asked a friend to purchase tickets to the event. So we had to go…right?


With one phone call to a fancy restaurant we rarely go to, I was rushing into a skirt and boots with heels so we could make our reservation – after paying our friend for the fundraiser tickets of course. Ultimately, this meant two things: We over-spent on our night but I got everything I wanted on one of my favorite days of the year.

It was worth it.

VDay Collage

We sat down for a six-course meal in a cozy booth. We were definitely “that” couple. The ones who sit on the same side, holding hands and canoodling to each other. We actually were complimented on our cuteness by one of the servers. So that only added fire to the flame. ::wink wink:: I think Mr. Sexy was wishing I had worn a short skirt instead of my long skirt – but, um, never mind. We realized later that we didn’t have all the information for the crab feed and we could have gone much earlier in the day and done both!  But oh well. The fundraiser was for the firefighters so I figure it’s still money well spent.

After a fantastic evening of trying all kinds of new flavors, we headed home. One might think that our night ended with a bang. But it didn’t. Even though I was all primped, prepped and smelling wonderful, my body turned on me – as it usually does when I’m preparing for such things – and I felt exhausted. So we watched Backstrom (a new favorite of ours) while I got a foot massage. Then we went to bed – where I got a back massage until I fell asleep.

Bliss people, bliss. And blessed. Mr. Sexy likes to joke about how every time he makes plans for me, he changes them last minute. Every. Time. What can I say? I’m a princess at heart and he knew that when he put a ring on it.

"That couple" It's exactly what we needed to be for an evening!

“That couple” It’s exactly what we needed to be for an evening!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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