I Take Baths; Therefore My Brain Thinks Things

I take baths every day. I don’t shower. In fact, nobody in family takes showers. We all take baths. We have nothing against showers. In fact, Mr. Sexy and I love showers. We simply don’t have a shower curtain. Our family of 5 (and for half the week we have a roommate) shares one bathroom that is the size of a decent closet. In that bathtub is a porcelain 4-claw tub. It has a shower head and rings just waiting for a curtain. However, purchasing a wrap around shower curtain is really expensive. So we take baths.

Bathroom for 5!

This means bathing takes longer than a quick rinse in the shower. Every time I bathe it takes time. It’s a nice way to relax from the morning or the day. It’s a great place to do the budget or to have intimate talks with your partner. (hehehe) For me, though, taking baths means there is that much more time to think. To ponder what happened this morning. Yesterday. Last week. There is a stretching silence which my mind fills with obsessing about the ‘what ifs’ of the future. Too much time surrounded with this silence brings me to a place of uneasiness. Sometimes even tears.

So I choose to ignore it more often than not. Last month we got Netflix because we finally have a good internet provider that can handle streaming. My latest “no-thinking” show is “How I Met Your Mother.” I start it on my phone in the bath and it plays until I’m dressed and ready for the day. It’s a great compromise. The show is funny and sometimes really stupid. It’s the perfect bathing/dressing/doing-your-hair show to have on in the background. For me, at least.

There are positives to my time alone. It leads me to my writing. To this blog. To all of you. This is where I release the thoughts that threaten to drive me crazy. I don’t always share the thoughts I would like to because if I did, I would piss a lot of people off. For instance, what I want to talk about right now is not appropriate at this time. Tomorrow, maybe. Or next week. Or never. But I’m still easing the pressure simply by writing.

So to all my readers ( I know you’re out there somewhere), thank you for the support of clicking on my blog posts, commenting sometimes, liking and re-sharing.

Do you have any thoughts on thinking? Link up and write about it. Release some of the pressure baby!


6 thoughts on “I Take Baths; Therefore My Brain Thinks Things

  1. I know exactly what you’re talking about; both my husband and I like to take baths to think or to just zone out alone. He watches videos of game type things and I tend to read but we like that whole process.


  2. oh my – so funny: I just wrote on someone comments that my best thinking place is often the tub!! LOL
    I typically have a bath at night – just to let those thoughts run wild and free and creative because it helps me unwind. I won’t usually carry them with me to the bedroom. And plus, I am all relaxed often from the hot bath. There’s a lot of cricks and pains that seem to come at the end of the day now. but I love your tub!! that’s my dream — I could do some great thinking in there. πŸ™‚
    hope your other issue gets resolved for you.


  3. If I had one of those old-fashion ball & claw tubs then I would just recline back in the water soaking up the warmth. When I was a kid, my parents had a tub like this and I absolutely loved it! Of course, as an adult I’m certain, if I had relaxing time in a hot tub of water then my mind would drift to things and then my bath would take longer because my brain was preoccupied with whatever. I find this happens when I’m in the shower. All I can say is I’m glad we have a low-flow shower head. lol Thanks for stopping by, Jessica!


  4. I love my bath time. It is the one thing I love about winter (there are not too many). But after a long day soaking in there in silence or with some chill music, a wonderful scent and maybe even a bubbly – aaaaah, good times.


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