Babysitting: I Was the Best

Does babysitting count as a first job? Technically that’s the first work I did to earn money other than doing chores in exchange for an allowance.

I was a great babysitter. My mom taught me one very important thing: Leave the home cleaner than when you found it (on top of all other necessary duties). As a born over-achiever, this was always my goal; to receive praise to be the best babysitter these moms had ever seen. It worked, too. On top of that, I found that tidying someone else’s home was much easier than cleaning my own home. Besides, what else am I going to do while the kid naps? Sit around and watch TV? Well, it seems that’s what babysitters today do.

As a mom of 3, it has gotten far more difficult to have a fun night out on the town with Mr. Sexy. I have gotten a babysitter only a few times. The cost sure has increased! I remember receiving around $5 an hour (and I usually got extra because I was so awesome). Now, girls are charging a bare minimum of $10/hour! About a year ago Mr. Sexy and I were desperate for a date night so we hired a babysitter.  I come home at the end of night and found that $150 got me a wonderful dinner with my husband, the kids alive and awake in bed, and a babysitter watching TV on my couch while dirty dinner dishes and leftovers hadn’t moved from the dining room or kitchen counters.


Needless to say, I didn’t call her again. I am not interested in paying a girl $10-15 an hour to sit on her ass and watch TV.

Thankfully, Mr. Sexy and I have been incredibly blessed recently by two people who offered to watch our kids and refused to accept payment. We have only used one so far for rehearsal nights (did I mention Mr. Sexy and I are both in a play?!). The kids LOVE HIM. He helps them with homework. He is learning their favorite songs. He tells them fun stories. AND he did my dishes one night because he thought I seemed really stressed out about it (which I was). We also worked out a deal with him: When the kids go to bed he does some computer work for Mr. Sexy and we pay him for that work. Everyone is happy.

I often struggle with the fact Marie is 13, a great age for babysitting. But yesterday she was coloring and watching Denai eat crayon after crayon like it’s something we all do all the time. ::sigh:: A mom can only hold on to hope for so long…

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6 thoughts on “Babysitting: I Was the Best

  1. It really is difficult to find a good babysitter. I came home one night to find one of the kids’ scrapbooks completely torn apart from the binding, paper and crayons all over the living room floor, and dishes and food all over the kitchen. Needless to say, we never called that sitter again.


  2. With 3 kids, Left Brain and I really can’t afford to both pay a babysitter AND go out and pay for a meal and maybe a movie. Around here they charge the $10/hour, but that’s typically for 2 kids.
    and yeah, um no — clean up please if you want to continue getting some money. I cannot even imagine a babysitter not doing this. I don’t think I ever watched TV when I was babysitting. I either had homework, or I brought a book. Unless the parents specifically said feel free to relax and watch TV when the kids are in bed and your homework is done. I just would not have dared otherwise!


  3. I think our kids are very aware of how much they have saved in babysitting fees with Nonnie and Grandpa eager and available on a regular basis. I’m happy for you that you have found someone reliable and willing.


  4. Thank goodness for my babysitting experiences because they come in handy with my grandchildren. I was always called upon to babysit because I could handle up to 5 kids at a time. Thanks for joining in the meme.


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