I planned my first surprise birthday party when I was 8 years old. It wasn’t for me. That would be silly. It was for my mom. From what I remember, I did do all the leg-work myself. Since this was in an era before I used computers and before cell phones, inviting people took a lot of effort. A LOT. I made so many phone calls my ear started to hurt. When I left messages I said over and over again, “This is a surprise party. Do not tell my mom. Do not talk about it on my answering machine.” If I didn’t get a call back, well, I called that person again. I was a persistent child.  Still am, for that matter (persistent, that is). I planned every single thing about this party. What time. Which day. Who is coming. Where she would be while guests arrived. Decorations. Food.  Although my dad did have a hand in paying for everything and he may have been the person keeping her occupied while guests arrived. I don’t remember. All I know is that when time came to yell, “Surprise!” she was surprised. Unless she was faking and never told me…

I have always loved celebrating birthdays. This has not changed. When I was a little girl my mom threw fun parties with streamers, friends and a made from scratch and decorated with love cake(usually barbie related). As I got older I started to plan my own birthday parties. I always saw it as an opportunity to get all my friends into one room and have a good time.

It was my 18th birthday. I'm assuming this was a gag gift...and this is just how I roll.

It was my 18th birthday. I’m assuming this was a gag gift…and this is just how I roll.

Now I’m the mom planning the parties. My own birthday isn’t something I’m too concerned with anymore mostly because it takes some work and I have a savvy husband who has been planning birthday surprises since we have met.

My first birthday as a married couple and he surprised me with friends, a movie and fancy restaurant. (He even picked out my outfit.)

My first birthday as a married couple and he surprised me with friends, a movie and fancy restaurant. (He even picked out my outfit.)

The most recent birthday we celebrated is Michael’s 7th birthday. While he turns 7 on the 26th, we had his party this weekend. It has been a while since I have done a themed party but it’s something I have been thinking about since last year when I didn’t get to plan his friend’s party. I’m kind of crazy. I like inviting everybody I know to come over and party. So of course I sent Michael to school with birthday invitations to his entire class. I also knew only a few might come because we do live out in the country where a lot of people might not like to go. Although, if you invite that many kids/people, my philosophy is you should be prepared if all of them show up. It could happen…

So, without further ado, here are a few snaps of what has been keeping me busy all week. Oh!  And I had a sick husband. All. Week. Long. He’s a great sicky though. He doesn’t complain all that much and actually will try to help out with things until I tell him to get his a*# back on the couch or in bed. Silly boy.



Cost: $0


Guess how many legos? The adults played too although I didn’t have a prize for them. Next time I will for sure! This game was hilarious to see the kids right down everything from ‘0’ pieces to ‘10,000’ pieces.



Cost: $4 (unless you already have construction paper at home) The rest of the paper was used to make the lego decorations you see all over the walls.

Pin the Head on the Lego Man was definitely a highlight. A prototype was easy to find thanks to my good friend Google. I also left the heads blank so the kids could create their own face.



Cost: $1 for plastic spoons

This game was by far the craziest game of the day! The kids were on teams – boys against girls – and they had to balance legos on a spoon in their mouth and dump it in their bin at the other end of the room. Next time I do a game like this I will be asking adults for help. All the kids wanted to go at once so I was at one point pushing boys back to the end of the line. Craziness. Loud and chaotic craziness. But it was also a lot of fun.




Cost: $0


I was excited to try my hand at a lego cake. It looked easy enough for even someone like me to do. I ALWAYS struggle with cakes and Mr. Sexy always fixes them. I have learned that I can bake them, but after that, it’s up to him. Frosting and I just don’t get along. Anyways, Michael saw a cake like this via Google and it’s exactly what he wanted. Chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. A momma can’t complain ’bout all that chocolate right?!



Cost: $5? for cheese and crackers

Another google images idea that Michael saw and thought would be a good snack. This was a little time consuming I will admit but I only made one tray and I love all the imperfections in them. I tried using a straw for the dots but that didn’t work so I cut each one individually with a metal skewer. I never actually ate one but they were all gone by party’s end.


Cost: ~ $5

Cost: ~ $5

I decorated the snack plates and all the cake plates with a nontoxic marker from the dollar store. I recommend trying a marker not from the dollar store, though. The marker looked almost blue on the plates and didn’t show up all that great. But it made a cute point. The fork holder was first made by Mr. Sexy. Then Michael destroyed it because he wanted to play with his legos. So Michael rebuilt it and it added some character.


Those are the highlights from my week! Time to put my feet up for a bit and relax! (not)




8 thoughts on “Party!

  1. That looks like it was a super fun party! I wish I had been more creative when my small people were little and appreciated theme parties. Now they seem to have their own ideas about what they want. How dare they? LOL


    • I have always asked their opinions about parties and I will probably try to implement themes until they tell me to stop. lol Michael’s first or second party was centered around Elmo. I’m thinking that Denai’s party in April will be centered around Abigail, the fairy from Sesame Street.


  2. Love the Lego party theme!! Awesome 🙂
    I did a Lego cake one year for my boy. all I can say is thank goodness once was enough for him!! oh my goodness, I used marshmallows cut in half and frosted for those little button tops on the Lego pieces. Have you ever tried to frost a marshmallow? ugh.
    But I love your Lego superhero cake – I should have thought of that. much easier. Looks like the party was a success. So…. how many Lego’s are there!!!???


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