Two Weeks!

Christmas is in two weeks!  Can you believe it?  This week I want to finalize all gift shopping and food shopping so the weekend can be open for Christmas cookies.  Next week I will be in a wrapping frenzy and all ready for our Christmas celebration that Friday.

Now some of you may be thinking, geez, she’s off her rocker.  Christmas day is definitely NOT in two weeks.

Well, for our family, it is. Check out Hope Through Fear for background on our early Christmas celebrations for 2014.



It might be a little different to celebrate weeks before the rest of the country, but at the same time I am enjoying it. I am staying very busy getting everything together.  The wait to see the kids open their gifts will be shorter (not to mention Mr. Sexy and I are thrilled about our family gift).

Also, this year’s tree is my favorite!  It’s our third.  Or fourth. I’m not sure I just know it’s the best.

Christmas Tree 6

Each year we have gotten better at deciding what to look for.  It’s funny how different a tree looks in our living room from the forest.

Christmas Tree 10

So there you have it.  Christmas is in full swing at the Sexy Family household!



15 thoughts on “Two Weeks!

  1. I was thinking, “boy is she going to be really happy when I tell her that Christmas is more than 3 weeks away.” LOL Every year I say, This is the prettiest tree we have ever had….


  2. I got a little nervous there for a minute! And then I remembered the previous post – LOL
    Thank goodness because I have barely begun! I don’t feel rushed – just yet though. Especially since we decided to minimize the whole gift giving thing in our family and instead focus on others this year. But I do have to get to the baking!! I love your tree and is that a cookie tree decoration? 🙂


    • It looks like a cookie but is not at all edible. Although I’m sure Marie would like to try. LOL! Our kids are making BANK this year. It’s the first year that we have been financially stable so it’s been exciting to buy things for them (and a few for ourselves:)


    • I don’t think I know what they are called lol The white snowball looking ones covered in powdered sugar and the brownie cookies that you roll in powdered sugar before you bake them. They are the best.


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