WordPress is Wacky

My dilemma: My WordPress Reader is not working and because of that I am not yet following many blogs under my new name.

What’s happening: One of the blogs I follow is very popular and posts just about every day.  Yet my reader is showing that the newest post is from 11 days ago and there is no title.

What I’ve done: I started a forum asking for help but after they asked me to clear my cache and cookies, I haven’t heard back.  And their fix did not fix my problem.

Question: Am I doing something wrong?  Is this a common problem?  Should I use an outside reader?

Wow.  I feel like such a nube. I don’t like it.


10 thoughts on “WordPress is Wacky

  1. I’ve had the same problem – no notifications of new posts from my bookmarks blogs 😦 I’m hoping its a WP problem that WP will fix as I’m so bad at anything even vaguely technological…..


  2. I don’t tend to use my reader, as I get most of the blogs I follow in my email too. But I checked it out and mine is working. I know this probably didn’t help but did you change your background theme? Maybe that has something to do with it … the backgrounds tend to work differently one from the other.


  3. I don’t find Blogger’s reader much better, and this is exactly why every blog should have the option for readers to follow by email. It really is the easiest way to manage your blog reading schedule. I have a separate folder in my inbox that I put all the blogs I want to read in, and then when I have time – I just go down the list. It doesn’t clog up my regular inbox that way, and I can get to them at my leisure.


    • I had many issues with blogger’s reader! So many times I would log in and it would tell me I was following ZERO blogs. Drove me nuts. I just might try the email method. It seems that’s what a lot of people do…


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