Truth or…

The last time I played Truth or Dare was with my kids.  It was during one of my our many summer camping nights.  The idea of the game sprung from our adult version with our friends weeks before – on another camping trip, of course.  That’s what our summer was all about after all.  Camping.  Memories.  Friends.

It took a bit for the kids to get into the game.  For instance, Michael used the same dare every time.  Finally we told him he should try something new because it was getting boring.  Marie seemed to be completely embarrassed by the game and copied what everyone else was doing.  Denai was in our tent talking to Siri until we confiscated that relationship.  Later we found her half off our blow up mattress snoring soundly.

Playing Truth or Dare with our kids was a different experience from playing with our adult friends.  Something as simple as a kiss on the cheek was an embarrassing dare for Marie.  For Michael, I dared him to do silly things like lick dad’s shoe or climb to the top of pile of branches that were near to us.  When it came to licking things, Michael was freaked out.  But game rules prevailed.  And he had a blast.

And that’s my five minutes on the word dare.

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4 thoughts on “Truth or…

  1. Oh I have such bad university memories of this game. Just imagine playing in a dorm room with 30 other drunk 18-21 year old students. fun times. thank goodness there was no Twitter or Facebook.. and especially digital cameras back then!
    I kinda miss it – LOL 🙂


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