I Am…

Mrs. Sexy.

And we are the Sexy family. 

I’m sure this name makes some people uncomfortable. Some don’t care and may even see a bit of comedy behind it.  Then there are pervs.  There are always pervs.  It just comes with having such a

sexy name, I guess.

Obviously, I use pseudo names. When I first started this blog I knew immediately what names to use for my kids. Then it was time to start talking about my husband.  Since he is obviously the Most Sexy Man Alive (he is still waiting for national recognition), Mr. Sexy was born.  After some more writing I decided, why not?  Mrs. Sexy makes total sense.  And then, the Sexy family became our family name.

I use pseudo names in order to protect my family from “trolls” or other unwanted “guests.” Now, I do realize that with the name, “sexy,” pervs gravitate towards that word.  When it comes to isntagram I have had to do some deleting and blocking.  But other than that, it hasn’t been a big issue (knock on wood – or something like that).

I had another blog a few years ago that got a little crazy.

I learned what an internet troll is: a person who happens by your blog once, makes a judgement, and says mean things – at least, that’s what I have read as the definition

However this troll took her thoughts too far.  She wrote a blog post dedicated to me for her thousands of followers to read.  She shared my blog address and any other personal information she could find.  This lead to more emails than I care to remember from strangers across the country telling me horrible, terrible, disgusting things.  The one that still stands out the most – mostly because of how ridiculous it is, is this: “You should give your daughter up for adoption.”  I mean, seriously.  It made me laugh then and it makes me laugh now.  Because that’s the answer to our problems.  We should give them away.  Pretend they don’t exist.  Treat them like garbage.  Thanks for the heart felt advice lady!  You are going to miss out on a lot of good things in life with that attitude.

Ahem. Okay.  I’m calming down now.

Anyways things escalated to the local police being notified as well as Child Protective Services.  Our family and friends were getting nasty emails as well.  That was pretty horrifying.  In fact, because of the emails, one of my “good” friends quit talking to me.  Deleted me on facebook.  Not one word.  Although, she de-friend-ed me after sharing my struggles with her friend.  This friend whom I did not know yet lived in my town, emailed me randomly with a long LOOONG story about her own plight with a child with disabilities.  It ended with her kid dying due to a seizure and she felt guilty because she was having a hard time with her kid… Moral: Always give advice to perfect strangers via facebook message because that is the best way to offer a helping hand.  Do you hear any sarcasm dripping from those words?

Wow.  I need to calm down!

So, there you have it.  I use pseudo names and am very protective of where we live.  So far, there have been no trolls on this blog.  But if they do happen by, we will be somewhat more protected.


11 thoughts on “I Am…

  1. you ARE sexy — just own it and everyone else can slither away! 🙂

    I realized I didn't tell everyone about how “Rorybore” came about. I'll have to clear that up another time. But I also didn't want trolls finding us due to hubby's job. So far, in 5 years, not one troll thankfully, so I have loosened up a bit and most know my real name now. It's sad that we even have to worry about. Your name is so much a part of your identity – or at least, historically, it used to be. That's why I liked this little chat topic.


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