Long Wasn’t So Long

It’s not edited.
It’s imperfect.
In fact, I think I accidentally wrote too long by about two minutes. So sorry. I just had to finish the story.

We went into the Sprint store two weeks ago in high spirits.  They  had one iphone 6 plus in and it was going to ours!  Or, mine, to be accurate.  We decided to spend the big bucks and do the big upgrade for me now and do his later when it was time for his upgrade. 

So we get there and yes!  They still have one phone left.  Just. For. Me. 

Then we found out Mr. Sexy could get his upgrade at any time.  Cool… But couldn’t afford that.  It worked well to space it out by four months. 

Then Sprinters worked their magic and – poof – I had the new phone and we ordered Mr. Sexy’s.  For one third of what we were expecting to pay for just one phone. 

Magic, I tell you.  It’s magic. 

Mr. Sexy was prepared to wait at least four long weeks for his new toy while I enjoyed every minute of mine. 

A week and half after visiting Sprint, he got THE phone call.  

His long wait was over.  It wasn’t even that long!  In fact, his phone came in faster than others who ordered before him.  The Sprinters said they didn’t understand.  

For us, it was magic.  

We had spent a long time thinking about the upgrade.  Would the plus be too big?  OMG IT BENDS!!!!   But really? 

Every singe person who has held my phone made a comment about how it was a good choice because the 6 plus is just too big.  Then I tell them they are holding a plus.  Isn’t that funny?  It’s really not as big as people think. 

Also, it does bend.  With enough pressure in the right spaces, anything can bend.  Even the iphone 5 had comments about bending.  But hey, I’m not going to be bending my phone!  I won’t be running it over with my car either.  

There is something so silly about technology.  We all have opinions that are near and dear and there is no other right one.


14 thoughts on “Long Wasn’t So Long

  1. That's awesome! I was one of those people who said the 6 plus was too big! Ha!! I ended up with the 6 and for me it's perfect. I think it all depends on what your purpose is. S happy for your guys! 🙂 Enjoy them!


  2. I'd like that kind of surprise!! I still have the iPhone 4. And I don't expect to be enjoying the plus 6 any time soon at all. You'll have to do lots of posts about it so I can live vicariously through you. The camera is supposed to be so improved and I am just itching to try that!


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