Follow Fest 2014

I happened across this blog hop today and thought it looked like fun. From what I read, this is a hop to meet other bloggers and you post only once during the week.  I’m so busy that this could really work for me!  Visit Melissa’s blog for more details.


Mrs. Sexy (I have a real name too but I don’t use it on social media – for now.)

Fiction or nonfiction?


What genres do you write?

I can’t think of another category I would fit in other than nonfiction. 
I write about my life, past and present. 
Writing and sharing what I write is somewhat of a coping mechanism as well as sharpening the writing skills. 

Are you published?


Do you do anything in addition to writing?

I enjoy videography and went to school for it but am not doing too much with that currently.
I spend a lot of time at home taking care of the kids and the house.  
I currently just got cast in Anne of Green Gables as Marilla Cuthbert.  This should be interesting.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am mom of a blended family which has it’s many challenges. I feel like I can always smell a dirty diaper even when I can’t actually find one. I like the idea of knitting but can’t seem to finish any project I start.  I’m wondering if crochet will be better. 

I grew up living in the suburbs but now I live in the country in an old farm house with lots of ways for field mice to get in.  I’m not an animal person but at home there are 3 dogs, 1 turtle, 2 cats, 1 rooster and 8 chickens. The turtle is the only one who gets to live in the house.  

What are you reading right now?

Anne of Green Gables – I’m looking for insights into Marilla’s character.

What Were You Expecting? – It’s a marriage book for Sunday School.

Which authors influenced you the most?

Uummmm…I can think of favorite books…But really, I don’t read enough. 

Where can people connect with you?

Twitter @5Hearts1Family
Email: 5 Hearts One Family (at) gmail (dot) com

Do you have a newsletter?

No.  I’m really not very fancy. 

Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

I have never guest posted and am open to the idea.
I have had one guest post on my blog: Mr. Sexy. My husband.  It’s great.  Read it: Broken Bondage 

I’m just a wife and mom who blogs about the ups and downs that come our way. Sometimes it’s very personal.  Sometimes it’s not.  Sometimes I cross a line that shouldn’t be crossed.  Other times I walk right up to it. 

I hope to publish something somewhere someday.


18 thoughts on “Follow Fest 2014

  1. Hey there Mrs. Sexy! I've always wanted to chicken or ducks. Ducks are cute! I am always intrigued by people who write nonfiction. I've always wanted to write about my life but don't know where to start. Congrats on figuring it out!


  2. Nice to meet you. I also live in the country and none of our animals are in the house either. Although, the puppy talks his way into my office on occasion. The horses won't fit…thank goodness.


  3. Happy to meet you through Follow Fest. I grew up in the country and know just what you mean about accumulating lots of animals. I had countless critters growing up and still have at least 5 at all times, though I now live in the suburbs. I'm really drawn in by your writing. I've linked and followed you through some of the links you shared in this interview. Will definitely be back in the near future to check on how things are going in what sounds like a busy and eventful life, Mrs Sexy.


  4. I have heard that ducks are very hard in the beginning. The chickens have been so much fun! Although we have a completely different set of birds than when when we first started. lol

    You seem to feel about non-fiction how I feel about fiction!


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