Why blog?

It’s been a bit since I have posted.  For one thing I have been incredibly busy with my family, slowly continuing to move in, and we have adopted some more animals.  However, no matter the chaos, I can typically find time to blog.  Lately, however, I have felt stuck.  That happens every now and again.

I’m not exactly sure why I blog.

The joy of writing?
To stand on a self made soap box?
To encourage people?
Tear them down?
To cope with life’s stresses?
To learn how to share my life?
To vent?

There are so many reasons to blog.  More than my small list.

If I’m being honest, well, the above list are the reasons I blog.  Yup, I wouldn’t mind a bit of popularity and I tend to think I have better ideas than other people.  I’m a flawed person and some of my reasons for blogging are flawed as well.

I wonder if lately I have been blogging and doing it wrong.  Some say, yes, I have posted inappropriate material.  Maybe those people are correct.  Or maybe I am the one in the right.  Or perhaps it is what it is.

I don’t blog to please other people. My goal, in every post, is to let you, the random reader, to look inside my life and get a glimpse of how the world looks through my eyes.   I tend to be a bit blunt at times.  This usually hurts people’s feelings which is ironic because I’m a sensitive person.

I don’t blog to hurt people. However, it happens.  I have probably hurt people whether I am made aware of it or not. Sometimes I do feel the need to call people out.  I’m not sure if that’s right or wrong.  Mr. Sexy tells me, as long as I’m writing in love, and it’s a love that others can see, I’m doing okay.  I’m pretty sure I don’t always write from a loving heart.

So where do I go from here?  I have had many blogs since I was a teenager.  The two before this one were highly controversial.  Is that wrong?  I think sometimes controversy is a good thing.  Although, for me, the controversy typically revolves around my family.  That’s pretty personal.  The way I write about myself and my family causes me to wind up hurt, too.

So I will continue on.  The hard subjects of spirituality, parenting, feeling hurt and angry are subjects I will continue to write about.

I’m still not exactly sure what my purpose in blogging is but I think it’s what I’m supposed to be doing.


8 thoughts on “Why blog?

  1. I do it for me. Pure and simple. I do it because I think I have a talent that God blessed me with, and also, because I definitely feel the need to have something creative/artistic in my life. I need more than house, hubby and children to fill me up. I have interests outside of Church too… and many in my church probably with disagree with them, so I need a safe place to enjoy what I enjoy. Now that would surely get some negative comments from some sorts.
    To which I say, mind your own business. My blog is my space to say what I want. I don't come into your home and scribble all over the walls — leave my safe place alone!
    You keep writing your truth. As long as it's your story to tell — you are entitled to tell it.
    and I am willing to bet, there is something who can benefit from your sharing.
    some sorts call that being a blessing 🙂


  2. I'm so happy you're going to continue to blog. I love that you are open and honest, that you share about your successes and struggles. At least you know who you are and why you blog. I'm still trying to figure out my purpose.


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