It’s Good When…

You know a book is really good when:

It’s all I can think about. 

I talk about it like it’s real life happening in the here and now.

I dream about it. 

It ends but I want it to keep going forever. 

 The Nancy Drew series were these kinds of book for me as a young girl.  It was nice that it was such a huge series but it never did end until I grew out of them.  In fact, I believe I should credit this to my mother, but I still have all my Nancy Drew books for my own girls to read at night while hiding under the covers with a flashlight!  Yup, I did that.  A lot.

More recently, I feel like the caliber of what I read has gone down.  The most recent page turners I have read are the Twilight books and the Hunger Games series.  That is the best literature I have read in years.  I feel…lame.  Yet I can’t seem to find adult books that keep me interested.  I feel like I should enjoy John Grisham.  But I don’t.  I mean, I liked the one book I got through.  It was called “In Cold Blood” or something.  However, I think I made it through that book because it was a true story so I enjoyed the reality of the story – as dry as it was for me to read.

I would like some suggestions.  Reading is so relaxing, calming and works my imagination like nothing else.

I have always enjoyed mystery (unless I find it so creepy I won’t turn the lights out at night) and a good love story.

Oh! Christy, in my opinion, is a classic and I’ve read that book countless times!  Maybe I should just reread that one for now….


15 thoughts on “It’s Good When…

  1. If you truly love mystery any Harlan Coben books are AMAZING!!! Back when I was young and naive and thought I hated reading, one of his books got me to love reading and I haven't stopped since! Also, a few months ago I started the Game of Thrones Series. It was a little difficult to get into in the beginning because there are a lot of characters but now.. I.Can't.Stop!! Ha! Hope that helps!


  2. Classics are never outdated. 🙂 I love Nancy Drew and love to share the stories with my daughter. Christy is also one of my favorites. Also any book by Janette Oak was a favorite of mine as a child.


  3. I feel your pain. Since I rarely have time to read anything other than books for homeschooling or about homeschooling, I have no suggestions. I'm hoping to find some good books this summer.


  4. I read the Nancy Drew books as a child also. Did you know that this character first arrived sometime in the 1930's. Not many books exist for that long. I haven't gotten into the Hunger Games or Twilight books


  5. Nothing wrong with re-reading a book in my books 🙂 Yeah, I loved to read, too, as a kid. I was a real bookworm and I loved it when the book took me into another world. Still love it actually, but if that happens it is usually a good fantasy/sci-fi movie – time is a real problem at times 😉


  6. I do enjoy John Grisham myself….. but I prefer Harlan Coben. If you want some good mysteries that have a twist: he is definitely good. I can never fully solve his books. I always miss something.
    I loved Nancy Drew and also Trixie Belden when I was young – and yep, many nights of flashlight under the cover reading. I haven't read Twilight or Hunger Games yet. My favourite romance are by Kathleen Woodiweiss. They are not explicit novels — but there are hot moments for sure. But I love her strong female characters and the men are always dashing, daring and just good men.


  7. Somebody above mentioned Harlan Cohen too! It sounds like I would probably enjoy Kathleen Woodiweiss. I like the love parts that make me feel squishy because two people are eyeing each other for the first time or something.


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