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I’m taking the advice from this post and writing in response to today’s post from Tales of a Pee Dee Momma.

I’m really unhappy with the public school system.  This semester we did a homeschool program through Connections Academy and Marie worked through an alternative program called Odyssy.  Getting in the groove of things was difficult.

For instance:  One of our criteria is 4 hours in the Compass program (Odyssy), one hour in each subject.  Well, Marie did each lesson but it only took like 15 minutes because it’s basically a little movie with a 10-question quiz to go with it.  The first weeks I was getting emails because she wasn’t spending any time in this program.  UMMMMM

Not only was she spending time in the program in each subject, but I was supplementing like crazy to make sure we spent one full hour in each subject.  Since Connections Academy doesn’t have extra resources (like worksheets or a list of reading materials) I spent hours trying to find stuff on my own.  FINALLY Michael’s kindergarden teacher introduced me to teachers pay teachers.  This site has been amazing for me and I have been able to find lots of great stuff for free easily.

Currently, Marie is sitting across from me doing her end of year standardized tests.  It just makes me laugh.  It would be easier for both of us if I just went through and clicked answer (A) for each question.   She doesn’t understand a single question in large part because it’s confusing.  She is working on first and second grade stuff people.  She is nowhere near what these tests are testing her on.

So now, Mr. Sexy’s ideas for next year are starting to take root in my own mind.  His ideas make me nervous, but if we can do it well and not get lazy, it could be really great.

According to Idaho law, we can take Marie (or any of our children) out of school and homeschool them without being under any kind of institution such as Connections Academy.  As long as we are teaching and they are learning, it’s all good.  However, if we aren’t teaching at home, we can get into trouble.  HOWEVER they have to prove that we aren’t teaching – which would be difficult I would think.

To me, this sounds loopy.  I feel weird about it.

Then I look over at Marie’s standardized test she has been working on for an hour and know most answers will get a red x when she’s all done.


What I want from homeschool:

  • Her mind to be active.
  • Teaching her where she’s at. 
  • A large emphasis on life skills such as proper teeth brushing, vacuuming and making breakfast. 
  • Giving her the time she needs to get her task completed.
What I’m getting from our current homeschool program: 
  • Her mind is active.
  • At home I can bring it all to her level.  In her live lessons, I see that concepts go over her head.
  • A large emphasis on the academics. 
  • In her live lessons, if she doesn’t get it, things simply move on and I can see that sometimes her teacher just wants an answer.  Any answer.  Any grade.  Just something to put in the grade book. 
I hate the grade book for Marie.  She doesn’t understand the point nor does she care.  Neither do I, for that matter.  The only grades that go in her “grade book” currently are when they are “good” grades.  And honestly, it takes a long time for Marie to get a good grade on any quiz.
This summer we are planning to experiment with our own homeschool curriculum.  As I look around at other homeschool moms, it looks like many others do the same thing.  Am I right about this or am I missing something?  

10 thoughts on “Homeschool Thoughts

  1. I think it's crazy that they require a full hour in each subject. I encourage you to check out different curricula to find one that is the best fit for Marie at the level where she is. Life skills are extremely important. Here in SC, we have to teach reading, math, writing, social studies, and science. It doesn't matter what we use to teach those subjects. We just have to keep lesson plans and a portfolio to show that we taught it and they learned something. I've never had anyone ask to see my portfolios, but I have them in case they do ask. 🙂


  2. Hahahaha. I was going to type the same thing as TaMara. I'm in SC too and I love that I can have the freedom to teach however I want and just keep “proof” that I taught. Google requirements for homeschool in your state. Good luck!


  3. Thanks for using the advice from my recent A-Z blog post to expand upon TaMara's writings about the curriculum. Although I'm pretty unfamiliar with Homeschooling programs, I imagine that it might help children learn in an environment that supports their growth and education rather than one that is focused on numbers and statistics. If I recall, a typical school class lasts about 40 minutes only, which doesn't give teachers (the good, quality teachers, at least) a whole lot of time to cover the lesson material that they have planned. It's a shame.

    The city's public school system where I am is poor, mismanaged and possibly even involved in corruption, given that the administration make the children and teachers have to suffer through the effects of budget cuts while the administration pads their own pockets with money that is supposed to be going to building repairs, classroom equipment and supplies but instead, they ignore work orders from principals, and keep the money for themselves and their own vacations and desired lifestyles. It is despicable.



  4. Visiting on the AtoZ challenge road trip! Sounds to me like you are on the right road with your daughter. We have several moms in our homeschool group in a similar situation. I don't know if they blog, but if you need someone to bounce ideas off of, I can connect you 🙂


  5. Wow that sounds awful. My mom started homeshooling me and my little brother when we lived in California because we lived in a bad area with gangs and stuff. I didn't really even know what gangs were then.


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