Another Day in the Sexy Family

Mr. Sexy had his much anticipated appointment with a sleep doctor yesterday.  We heard he is absolutely amazing and highly recommended which is awesome because Mr. Sexy hasn’t had a decent night’s sleep in almost 15 years now.  However, this appointment is not the highlight of my story today.

We recently bought a beater truck from a friend.  Michael LOVES driving it to school every day with Mr. Sexy and it’s been a great commuter vehicle.

Of course, the Sexy family can’t go too long without car trouble. 

I knew trouble was brewing when I received this text:

Having issues with the truck. Yay!

And then half an hour went by and I was still waiting to hear that he was headed to pick up some baked beans to go with dinner.

Then I get this text:

Another dinner option might be a good idea.

“Another dinner option” meant driving into town to pick him up and take him home.  But what a great excuse to go to one of our new favorite Mexican restaurants!  There also happened to be a 2 for 1 burrito special AND an amazing beer special.

So as I was driving into town I kept chanting (AND believing): I’m not worried.  God’s got this handled.  He hasn’t let us down yet. 

Good food.  Good beer.  Then a phone call.

Our friends have been trying to get Mr. Sexy and I to become part of the community theatre board.  Last night was their annual meeting and while we were invited a few weeks ago, I immediately declined.  We just have too much going on!  We are now moving, and quickly.  Mr. Sexy works two jobs and we are lucky to have a family dinner together.  I’m always stressed out about one thing or another.  And of course, now we are (again) having car troubles.

You see, we both talk about wanting to be involved in the community.  However, getting past our excuses is a different conversation.

But after my very large beer I was all for attending the meeting.  Apparently they just needed two more bodies so they could vote on a few issues.  Sure!  Mr. Sexy and I can vote about things we probably know a little bit about.

The meeting was boring and I wished I brought some beer with me.  But that might have been tacky.

However, I could see Mr. Sexy getting excited as I watched his brain work, already brimming with ideas to improve our local theatre program.  Our friends have been nudging him to take the Vice President position that became open officially as of last night, but of course we continually stepped back from the idea.  As I stated previously, we just have too much going on.

But peer pressure tends to win out for me.

So I nudged Mr. Sexy and told him he should do it.  He questioned whether he “should” for my sake, but really, it was only out of courtesy.  He really REALLY wanted to do this.  So I said, “Whatever.  Just do it!”

And now it’s done.  Mr. Sexy is Vice President of our community theatre board.

So weird.

We had hopes that after the two hour meeting our truck would magically start and we would understand why it broke down.  But, no such luck. “Perhaps there is more to the story,” was Mr. Sexy’s reaction.

We got home close to ten last night.  Every was so tired.  And now this morning, I’m still tired, and Mr. Sexy didn’t leave me enough coffee.

I wonder what adventure today will bring…


16 thoughts on “Another Day in the Sexy Family

  1. Wow! You had a lot going on last night! Very cool that you're getting involved in the community theatre board though. I'm anxious to know what you find out from the sleep doctor…I am a terrible sleeper, and I'm wondering if this is perhaps something I should look into.


  2. boo to car trouble…. buy Yay! Mexican food and beer! silver linings, right? ha

    and I never think it's a bad idea to get involved in your community, in some way. And especially if this is something that helps Mr Sexy feel like he's giving back, and something he enjoys too. Win, win.

    but boo on you truck still. 🙂


  3. Exciting news and a great step to getting more involved!! I hope everything gets worked out with your truck. I understand car troubles and the stress they bring so I hope all goes well in that department. I like how you two understand each other. 🙂


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