Answered Prayer (V Update)

At first, it didn’t feel like answered prayer.
It felt like a stab in the gut.
Another manipulative maneuver I had no control over.
Now it’s a few hours later and instead what I see is a heartbreaking answer to prayer.
At least, that is the hope.

Today we found out that Voldemort (Marie’s birth mother) is giving up all visitation rights so she can have court ordered phone calls with Marie.  Two per week.

Does that make sense to ANYBODY?

For a normal person, no it doesn’t.

Mr. Sexy was  the one to give me some perspective: She is basically signing a piece of paper saying she doesn’t want to see Marie.  This will help us in the long run as our goal is for me to adopt her.

Voldemort is an incredibly flaky woman.  And that’s being nice about it.  Chances are high that she will not follow through on phone calls.  Who wants the constant reminder that their daughter doesn’t know who they are?  Marie has no idea who that woman is and will never know again.  In large part this is due to her disability and Voldemort’s disappearance three years ago.

It’s painful to think about somebody willingly start to give up their parental rights.  In Marie’s case, however, it is answered prayer.  The phone calls will be painful as Voldemort tends to talk at Marie or attempt to talk to Mr. Sexy through Marie.  Voldemort says things that are not true which would instill pain in someone who understood.  Marie doesn’t understand, though.  She is very happy to see a friend and talk to a friend.

I’m frustrated that sometime soon we will have to allow phone calls to happen once again.

God is in charge.  He’s got a plan.  Always has.  So I’ll rest in that.


4 thoughts on “Answered Prayer (V Update)

  1. It can be a hard thing indeed to trust in His timing and His plan; but we have to always remember He does have good things in store for us. Hopefully Marie will be able to handle whether the phone calls happen – or whether they don't. My father signed away his parental rights to me – which sounds so terrible, but he couldn't be a father. he just couldn't at that time, so it was the best thing for me in the end. It's a bittersweet blessing I guess you could say.


  2. We have done the phone call thing before. Marie was basically talking to a friend. Then after a while Marie would get really sad afterwards but could never explain it. Very interesting.

    You're right that it's the best thing to sign away your rights if you're not able to parent and you know it. I don't think Marie's birth mother really knows that, though. But oh well. I have no control. At all. Which is lame. 🙂


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