Guilt: My Journey Through Parenthood

G is for Guilt.

Guilt is a nasty little booger.
It eats away at me and pokes and prods.

On the surface, guilt makes me feel safe.
You did it once.  So do it again.  And again.
Now I feel hopeless.
And stuck.
Because guilt plays a nasty little game with my mind.

Sometimes I relish in the feelings guilt can provide.
I enjoy the sorrowfulness of my personal pity party.
However I don’t enjoy the heavy heart I wear.
Booze should help with that.
But does it really?
Guilt is still there and following me around.
It doesn’t let up and it doesn’t get tired.

Guilt is nasty and mean and plays tricks in my head.
Guilt clouds my mind so I can see nothing else.

Guilt is a nasty little booger.
Guilt plays a nasty little game.
In the end, however, guilt doesn’t win.
Forgiveness eventually reaches my heart.
Forgiveness clears my head and wipes away the guilt.
Forgiveness becomes my salvation.

Without forgiveness, I am lost.
Without forgiveness, we are all lost.

This is the A-Z blogging challenge so go ahead and read the introduction and see a list of all my A-Z posts.


5 thoughts on “Guilt: My Journey Through Parenthood

  1. wonderful! I so love how you did this!
    guilt is definitely the worst motivator and least productive emotion ever.
    Especially considering forgiveness is just waiting there for us.


  2. Ugh, guilt. I can feel guilty about anything. This morning I saw my husband wiping down the highchair tray and I felt guilty that I didn't wipe it down last night. I mean, how is that guilt going to help me/benefit me in any way? It's not, but it still creeps up. I am getting better at letting things go but it still festers. Forgiveness is key!


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