Exhaustion: My Journey Through Parenthood

E is for Exhaustion.

This is my first semester being a homeschool mom.  Things have changed a lot since I was the home-schooled kid.  My mom was my teacher with answer keys and lesson plans.  Anything I learned, I learned from her.  Now things are different.  Thus, homeschooling is not what I expected.

In some ways it’s easier.  Marie has a teacher so I don’t have to to know all the answers (although I should at grade levels 1 and 2).  Her learning is all completely online.  Her time with teachers is via webcam every day.  So really, I don’t have to lift a finger.

In other ways, it’s a lot harder.  When I start something new I go all in and go a little crazy.  I typically spend a few hours every day creating my own worksheets for Marie to further help her understand the concepts being taught in the program.  On top of that I spend time teaching her these concepts as well.  My opinion is that an online course alone is not enough – particularly with Marie’s disability.

This all leaves me feeling exhausted.  

I have been tired out by the kids before. But now it’s even more so.  Sometimes, by the time Mr. Sexy gets home all I can do is hand off the baby and sit like a zombie while I watch a Grey’s Anatomy re-run.  And the next day I choose to do it all over again.

Why?  Well, apparently I care about Marie, her education and her future.

This is the A-Z blogging challenge.  Go ahead and read the introduction and see a list of my other A-Z posts.


5 thoughts on “Exhaustion: My Journey Through Parenthood

  1. Ugh exhaustion is the worst. Sometimes I have all these great plans and see the future and it looks so good…then life pops up and I'm exhausted, ready to do nothing but become one with the couch. With homeschooling I can only imagine the adjustment to your energy levels. Everything takes effort!


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