B is for Blastoff.

The Bradley Birthing Method is the way to go.  I was introduced to this method when pregnant with Michael and I used it again giving birth to Denai.

Same method.  Two very different experiences.

I was 20 when I had Michael.  Unmarried.  Living at home again.  Scared shitless.

After it was all over it was amazing to me how on point the Bradley classes were.

I learned how to breathe through my contractions and to relax my body instead of tensing up.

I learned there are stages during labor and  that when I would finally say “GIVE ME @#*&$#* DRUGS!” it would be too late because it would be time to push.

I learned that screaming and yelling took unnecessary energy and it was better to barrel down and to even grunt my way through the amazing amount of pain I would be in.

I was thrilled with myself for having a natural childbirth.  I felt every. Single. Moment.  Thinking about it now still makes my heart beat faster.  I call it the ring of fire.  Pushing a baby through my fiery birth canal was the most pain I have ever felt.  EVER.  In those moments I hated everybody.  I hated everything.  And then he came out.  It felt like a huge, slimy slug that slithered out all at once.

And the pain was gone.  The ring of fire stopped burning.  It was over.  And I became a mother.


My first moments with Michael: my first born

Denai has a much different birthing story.  She was born in a bathtub at a midwifery.  I had no reason to yell for drugs because there were none.

The biggest difference: I had FUN.  Going through the classes again, this time with my husband, gave me a huge amount of confidence in myself.  Mr. Sexy and I practiced relaxation just about every day.  It paid off big time.

The contractions hurt like hell, don’t get me wrong.  But when it was over, it was done.  I smiled.  I laughed.  I made jokes.  I had a good time and enjoyed the warm water I spent most of my laboring hours in.

Then things got intense and I quit talking as much.  I didn’t really smile.  I mostly just closed my eyes and breathed.

I had to pee.  Dang it.  As I stood up and stepped out of the tub I felt everything change.  The urge to push, that natural and painful sensation that God built inside women became evident as I heaved my naked, wet body into Mr. Sexy’s arms.  Thankfully he caught me and as my first wave of pushing ended I realized I was also peeing.  Oops.  Well, worse things can happen.  Next time, however, I’ll just pee in the tub.  :: wink wink ::

Ten minutes later Denai was squeaking in my arms with one tiny human hand wrapped around her
daddy’s finger.


Denai just moments after birth
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12 thoughts on “Blastoff

  1. Never heard someone call birth fun lol but damn! That's ideal. I was silly and didn't take any classes at all. I don't think I'd do the same thing if there's a next time. Your newborn photos are giving me baby fever- I need to remember how intense labor is to kick the fever! So cute!


  2. That's so awesome you did it drug free. I went in with the attitude of “I'll try to do it naturally. I'll go as long as I can.” Um yeah, two hours in I'm all “Epidural!!!” So, I commend you big time.


  3. I am impressed with you giving birth drug free. I was too afraid with my first and my twins were an emergency c-section to save my life. For my last 2, I was just too tired to care. LOL


  4. I love, love, love this post! Your descriptions are awesome – so very real! And I completely agree with you about Bradley. It makes all the difference when you take the class with your hubby. This most recent labor went so well and I completely attribute that to what my husband and I learned and practiced from the class.


  5. Wow, the honesty and detail of the post is impressive! I wasn't sure your blog was for me at first (when I realized the subject matter) but the story was refreshing in its honesty and quite interesting! Even for this non-mother. Thank you for sharing and best of luck with the challenge!


  6. Yeah I learned I had to go in determined with a practiced mind set and a coach to help as well. I'm so glad I did it that way though – even when it felt hellish and I literally thought I was dying. This isn't convincing anyone for a natural child birth is it lol


  7. natural birth had been my perfect birthing plan too. I had everything I needed right down to the calming sounds of classical music and the scent of lavender.
    and then he got stuck and the words C Section were uttered….and I certainly wasn't doing that drug free! So my plan went out the window, but at the end I had a perfectly happy, beautiful baby boy and that's all that mattered.
    And then I did it two more times. C sections again. So clearly drug or drug not — you forget any kind of pain of birth as soon as you get to hold those precious bundles.


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