Bed Wetting is Still an Issue

This has been a hard week.  But what’s new right?

Finding Winnie’s dog food and dog treats in Marie’s bed this week crossed the line.  Again.  And I was done.  This just couldn’t continue.

We have been recording her activities at night which has been interesting.  She seems to have a pattern of when she gets up and she seems to be looking for something.  Food, of course.  Or anything edible.  Also she crawls up the stairs (being sneaky even though she is alone) which has a locked door at the top so she can’t raid the kitchen.

Eating a little bit of dog food never hurt anyone.  But binging on it would.  Like when Marie ate her vitamins last year.  Thankfully she didn’t eat the whole bottle but she did eat enough to make her throw up at school.  So Mr. Sexy agreed with me that it would be okay to create a barrier so Marie could no longer leave her room at night.  This way we are able to focus on her bed wetting issue. (We are working on two behavior issues at a time.  One big one and one small one.  We have charts and an awards system and everything.  It’s kind of like a fun game.)

Speaking of bedwetting…she hasn’t wet the bed in weeks.  Easy peasy.  I wanted to discontinue our chart system with the bed wetting and instead focus on the getting-up-at-night issue.  But after some discussion Mr. Sexy and I agreed we need to finish it out with the bedwetting.  She needs the success of not wetting her bed for 30 days at which point she gets her reward: A new bed, new bed sheets, new pillow, the WORKS.

Three nights ago we created a barrier so she can’t wander around downstairs for half an hour at a time.  Two nights ago she wet her bed.  I had to search and sniff around  because it wasn’t that potent.  Last night she wet her bed again.  This time it was more obvious.

It’s a frustrating and curious turn of events.  On one hand I feel like she’s being a brat by deciding to pee since she can’t leave her bedroom.  On the other hand, we took away the control of her leaving her room at night so now she is taking back control of peeing in her bed.  I’m no psychologist.  I’m pretty clueless on the “why” for all these things.

So we are back to square one with the bedwetting.  Maybe tonight will be a dry night…


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