5MF: He Promises Joy

5 Unbridled Minutes on the word: Joy
“Are you happy, Babe?”
My happiness is irrelevant.  
Yes, it’s great to be happy and feel the squishies.  But it’s irrelevant.  
If I did my life based on my feeling of happiness, well, wait a minute, I do tend to live my life based on my feeling of happiness.  
Which is something I am trying not to do these days.  
Happiness comes and goes.  It’s elusive.  The emotion of happiness is easily faked and tends to give me a false sense of peace about my life.  Besides, God never said he was too concerned about my happiness.  
I don’t feel happy when Marie pees her bed.  I don’t feel happy when I stub my toe.  I don’t feel happy when Mr. Sexy and I have an argument.  I don’t feel happy when the sky is one shade of gray.  I don’t feel happy when Michael leaves home to spend the week with his dad.  I don’t feel happy when a character I love on Grey’s Anatomy dies or leaves.  
See?  Elusive.  I cannot always feel happy. 
But joy, on the other hand. That is always available.  God does promise to give me joy. 
When crappy life stuff happens I don’t have to be unhappy.  Or happy.  But I can have joy.  And that’s a choice I make.  Even not making a choice is still making a choice.  No choice is still a choice right? 
Okay, well, that’s my 5 minutes on the word: Joy. 

Five Minute Friday


3 thoughts on “5MF: He Promises Joy

  1. Hubby and I were recently talking about this same thing! Working a crummy job doesn't bring HAPPINESS, but the joy of the Lord is our strength- His joy is always there providing strength to get through the crummy UNhappy days!!
    Dropping in from FMF! Happy Friday!!


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