Risk Rejection: Last Day

First of all I would like to think Amy and all the ladies who have stopped by my blog  and allowed me to be a part of this Risk Rejection series.  I have met some great ladies!

This is the last week for Risk Rejection!

My risk-thang was this blog I am writing in now.  I have been challenging myself to write openly and as honestly as I could about my life regardless of my fears and uneasiness.  Once again I am finding wonderful support from fellow writers who may not completely agree with everything I say; but they offer a kind word or gesture of support and that always means a lot.

I am starting to feel like myself again in the world of the internet.  I’m focusing on writing about what I want to write about, sharing what I want to share because it’s part of who I am.  Not everyone enjoys my instagram pictures of my birthday beer.  Although I’m sure EVERYBODY likes my pictures of my baby!

I’m learning to be okay with my decisions even when I know that friends and family may disagree.  They aren’t me.  They don’t live in my house.  While their opinions matter because I love them; their opinions do not define me.  Allowing other’s opinions define me is something I have been working through since I was…oh, I don’t know… high school at least.  Middle school?  Younger?  Let’s just say forever.  ::wink wink::

I feel really good about this blog.  I’m hoping this is the one that sticks and that in time – a lot of time – perhaps I can even bring in a small amount of income.  But that’s neither here nor there.  I am writing because God has given me a strong desire to share my daily life struggles/blessings/ups/downs and everything-in-betweens with you.  Whoever you are.

Thanks for visiting me today!


22 thoughts on “Risk Rejection: Last Day

  1. Good for you learning to be comfortable in your own skin and not defined by the opinions of others. It's definitely a journey (one that I'm still on myself). You can do this! x


  2. What a gut-wrenching and beautiful risk — to just be yourself. I should be mindful of that daily. Your words “their opinions do not define me” probably should be tattooed on my body somewhere to remind me daily of that truth. Love your vulnerability!!! Risk on sister. Risk on.


  3. I'm enjoying reading through some of your posts. It's a messy journey, as you say, and it's best to just be honest about it. That's definitely what other messy people need to hear. Thanks for risking sharing your life.


  4. Thanks for joining us. Deciding what to share online is tough. We all have to find our balance. For me, I find myself making more generalizations about my kids as they get older and not sharing details as much. Things I used to say because I found adorable, now makes my oldest cringe, and I want to show her respect too. Good luck as you discover what is right for you.


  5. I've been writing for twenty plus years, people are going to give you grief because people just insist on being negative but for the most part people are positive and it's totally worth sharing your life with them.


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