The irony. Oh the irony!!

Well Gosh-Darn-Dangit.  It’s late and I should be going to bed.  Instead I’m so hyped up that I can’t even type correctly.  And I’ll tell you why.  Just keep reading and let me tell you why I’m so hyper right now which makes me feel like giggling and talking really loudly.

A lot of my friends will remember I had a blog last year which was very emotionally charged.  I held nothing back.  Those same friends will remember that a blogger whom I had never visited before found my blog and didn’t like what she read.  She left me many comments telling me I deserved to go to hell and I’m a terrible person.  Blah blah blah.  Then she started leaving links all over my page.  Links to her website.  Her blog post.  About me and my black heart.  This instigated a sort of witch hunt for me.  This woman started a frenzy which led to police involvement, CPS visits and lost friendships.  Yup.  My friends and family were harassed by this woman and her bloggy friends during that time.

I found this lady’s blog tonight.  It wasn’t hard for me to find it.  All I had to do was google myself.  I was curious about the kind of blogger she is.  If she’s actually a nice person/blogger/writer maybe I could follower her and see if she notices or maybe we would be friends?


She scares me.  I won’t be back to her blog.

She has a kid(s) with down syndrome too.  But she still scares me.  Even her profile picture scares me.

I came across a post from December, 2013; this is about one year after I shut my blog down.  She was on a rant because she has received so much hate from her readers.  She says she is being called (insert huge list of names here) and that she hates it.  She says she doesn’t understand why people bother to follow people on the internet whom they don’t like.

She says that people are probably nicer face-to-face because the internet gives so much freedom for people to say whatever they want.  She says these people that are hating her don’t really know her and are essentially strangers so they should back the f*** off (her words).  She says these people being mean to her must be miserable and all they are after is attention. She says she doesn’t have time to follow people on the internet just so she can be mean to them.

The irony.  Oh the irony!!!!

She also says she doesn’t understand why the hating has been going this past year.

Hmmm… What goes around comes around?

Mr. Sexy told me not to post the link to her blog – as much as I want to.  I just want my friends to read this lady talk about how much she hates exactly what she did to me one year ago!!!!!  

Mr. Sexy also told me not to quote anything directly.  He told me I’m playing with fire a little bit here.  He’s right.  I totally am.  But I’m done now.  I really was curious on what kind of writer she was.

And frankly, she is not worth any more of my time.  Oh yeah.  And she scares me.

This has helped me move on from what happened a year ago, though.  I struggled – and still struggle – with the thoughts these strangers put in my head:  that Marie would indeed be better off without me.  We should give her away to some one who cares.  I deserve hell.  Blah blah blah.

I know now all that stuff came directly from Satan.  He was putting an end to something very positive in my life.  I was making progress in my relationship with Marie through the relationships I was building on the internet.  The love and encouragement I received helped me in ways that they will never fully realize.

I’m now disappointed in myself because I feel like I let Satan win that one by tucking tail and walking away.  But I’m back now.  I’ve learned a few things.  I’m a better person than I was.  Just a teensy bit smarter too.

Well, this was an amazing venting post!!  Thanks so much for venting with me.  And please, don’t go seeking this woman out.  I don’t need people like her catching wind of ME.

Phew.  I’m calmed down a little bit now.  It’s time to have a beer and get to bed.


7 thoughts on “The irony. Oh the irony!!

  1. OMG! how horrible! I can't imagine what living through this was like for you – especially needing the police. I so want to know her blog, but I agree with your husband, as hard as it is not to share it is the safer bet. Some people really are crazy, and you are better off safe than sorry


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