Attempting to cook in my mother’s kitchen is not quite so familiar.  I moved out years ago now yet I could always find my way around as if it was my own place.  Now it’s getting different.  I have my own family of one husband and three kids.  I have my own sets of dishes, silverware and mixing spoons.  I have discovered – and continue to discover – how I like my kitchen to be set up.  I used to think it should be how my mom had hers set up.  My husband has shown me that it’s okay to change things up though.

Apparently he thinks he has better ideas. 😉  A lot of times they actually make sense.  But every once in a while I have to fix it.

So now when I stand in my mother’s kitchen I have to spend a little extra time looking for mixing bowls and Pam cooking spray.  But I don’t mind.

Because now I finally feel like I’m visiting.  This may sound weird.  The fact is I like being a visitor in my childhood home.  It means I don’t completely belong there anymore.  I have a home of my own with one husband, three kids and one kitchen fit perfectly for my needs.

Linking up with Lisa-Jo where we all write for 5 minutes straight from a prompt.  No editing whatsoever.  Hope you liked it!

Five Minute Friday


8 thoughts on “Visit

  1. I just moved back into to my childhood home, which sits alongside my parents cottage. I am the caretaker of the farm, now, and it's taken me forever to remember where stuff is in this big kitchen. When I go back to the small home where we raised our three children, I always remember where everything. Home is where you remember where the potato peeler is!! 😉 God bless,


  2. I soo get this!
    It was both a confusing moment, and a great moment, that first time I stood in my parent's kitchen in front of the fridge, paused – wondering if I still had the right to just open the door and scavenge for food. LOL


  3. I understand how you feel but now I'm going to have to experience my kids coming and feeling that way too. I hopped over here from the comment you left on my blog on Friday & Just added you to my circles on google plus. Sandra@ Sandra's Ark


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