Voldemort Update

Marie’s biological mother: She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named: Voldemart: V

We needed a nickname so Mr Sexy and I could talk about ‘things’ around our kids and this is the most fun one we have come up with yet.

UPDATE time!

This past Monday there was another emergency conference called by the judge but only for the attorneys so we didn’t have to worry about being there.  Score!!  We found out what happened only a few days ago.

She is moving back to Texas!  She told her attorney and I guess it’s happening or has already happened.  The whole thing is insane!

The counseling service that has been working with us sent their recommendations to both attorneys and the judge, stating they would not be a third party for visitations until V goes through therapy and a psych eval.  Our attorney, who has been with Mr. Sexy for like ten years now and has seen a LOT of s!@# happen, was very surprised at what the counseling service had  to say about V.  I’m disappointed I haven’t been able to see the letter for myself.  I’m so curious!  Even the judge voiced his opinion: She is crazy.

So that’s where we’re at.

V is leaving.  Again.  Thankfully Marie has had absolutely zero emotional connection with the woman so she doesn’t know anything has changed.  This time, however, Mr. Sexy and I plan to be proactive.

 We won’t stop until Marie turns 18 or she legally becomes my own daughter.

Phew!  For right now a HUGE stress has been lifted.  Thanks Lord.


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