Random Bits of Sexy

Haha.  Did my title peak your interest?  Or maybe it scared you away in which case you aren’t here… reading this… hmmmm

Anyways 5 Hearts, One Family is a baby and needs to grow a little so I figure what better way to do it than link up with one of my favorite blogs and drop some Random Bits into a post.

1.  I have amazing pink sparkle slippers that make my feet stink like nobody’s business.  But I love them and where them all day, every day.
2.  Today was the first day of school.  I’m completely exhausted and it’s only going to get better because…
3.  I am officially homeschooling Marie.  I feel like a crazy person who doesn’t know what she has gotten herself into.  Today we went through Marie’s online orientation stuff and I got so confused that we are doing it all over again tomorrow!! Haha  
4.  Coffee is what gets me through my mornings and beer gets me through many evenings. 
5.  I really enjoy a good joke about flatulence and bowel movements.  
Bonus: I have an amazing streak of pink in my hair.  
I think that’s enough Random Bits from now. lol Thanks for the link up Rorybore! 


One thought on “Random Bits of Sexy

  1. I have bright pink wool (this is Canada afterall) slippers that I wear every day too. They probably should be a biohazard, but I have to wear them….because they go with my bright pink fleece penguin pj bottoms. right? makes perfect sense to me. LOL
    coffee definitely gets me through every morning too. except today, I have a sore throat so I drink tea with honey then. Really I think I'd just consume anything that has caffeine.
    good luck with the homeschooling! I think it will be a great bonding experience for you and Marie — once you get all the kinks ironed out and are on your way. I know there are times my kids bring their homework to me, looking for help and I'm just like…. Can't.Even. LOL


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